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BBQ on Board!

Have Van will DeliverWith the growth of BBQ’n Fools Catering it became apparent that the SUV was just getting to small. So in 2011 BBQ’n Fools purchased a cargo van. Yeah it is a Chev, so the Ford is driving a Chev. It has been a wonder addition to the BBQ’n Fools with the decals add to the cargo van really gets the word out about the BBQ’n Fool, Grant Ford. Keep an eye out on the passenger side of the van for specials deals, or notes to where the Fool will be smoking for the public. You might even get some free BBQ! Cause there’s a Fool on Board that BBQ Van.


Grant the BBQ’n Fool

Grant is an award-winning Barbecue Chef, a veteran and accomplished competition chef at team and individual cooking events. Grant’s contribution to the team has greatly assisted in winning awards like, CBBQA 2002 “Team of the Year in Ribs” and has personally won Grand Champion at the CA State Championship level  three times, which included two perfect scores of 180 in chicken and a 180 in Tri-tip. He loves catering for your special event, have a championship BBQ Chef at your next business, family or charity event.

He was the President of the California Barbecue Association for two years, a member of the National and Indiana Restaurant Association, the Kansas City Barbecue Society, where he’s a KCBS Rep also a certified KCBS judge of what makes great BBQ. He is also, a certified ServSafe Manager Trainer.

You ask about his awards, Grant has under his belt over 325 awards with BBQ’n Fools Cooking Team and product line. He has been to the National Championship at the American Royal in Kansas City five times, Taking top 10 awards in Ribs, Sausage, Dry Rubs and a 16th place in Chicken. He qualified for the Jack Daniels World Championship in Lunchburg TN and place 20th overall in that world championship placing 6th in Brisket; known as the hardest meat to smoke in the barbecue circuit. He also competed in the Best of the Best in GA taking 26th place overall and a 7th in Chicken. From coast to coast the BBQ’n Fool has made his mark at State Championships or higher.

The BBQ’n Fools Competition Team started in 1999 competing in California, Arizona, Nevada, Oregon, Kansas, Tennessee, Georgia, New Mexico, just to name a few.


Transplanted grillmaster is expanding catering business

This article was written by Arika Herron at the Greenfield Daily Reporter.

Ford and his wife, Jeni, moved to Greenfield in 2008 to be closer to Jeni’s mother who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease.

Barbecue started as a hobby for Grant Ford. While living in California, Ford joined two friends to start a barbecue team, called BBQ’n Fools. More than a decade later, Ford was able to turn that hobby into a full-blown business.
The move from barbecue enthusiast to businessman wasn’t exactly by choice.
Ford and his wife, Jeni, moved to Greenfield in 2008 to be closer to Jeni’s mother who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease.
“I knew it was the right thing to do,” Ford said.
But, it wasn’t easy. Ford left behind his award-winning barbecue team and more than three decades of friends and family.
To keep himself busy in his new home, Ford started cooking for charity events – keeping with a dedication to philanthropy that followed him from California when he would cook for the troops.
“It’s really important to me to be involved with local charities,” Ford said. “If everybody did something, the community would be a really nice place, so I try to set a precedent.”
He has done charity events for United Way, the Hope House, the Kenneth Butler Soup Kitchen and other local nonprofits.
But when Jeni lost her job, Ford had to scale back the philanthropic endeavors and figure out how to contribute additional income to the family.
“I never thought of it as a business, but I took what I had here and took it to the next level,” he said.
So three years ago, BBQ’n Fools Catering was born. And it has taken off. During the busy summer months, Ford is providing food for as many as six events each week – sometimes for more than one event on the same day. He offers several catering options, from just dropping off the food to serving the entire event and cleaning up afterwards.
Ford offers more than a dozen meat options for catering service as well, which he hopes will keep business booming year round.
“There are four or five months out of the year where people don’t think about barbecue,” he said. “I’m working really hard now to try and make up for when there’s no work.”
But just as his catering business has taken off, another has slowed to a standstill. When Ford was still in California, his barbecue team started an online business selling sauces and dry rubs. After more than 10 years, Ford said that the site,, will close by Sept. 1.
Ford said that as orders slowed the company didn’t have the capital to sustain a nationwide business.
So he’s looking a little closer to home for his next business opportunity.
He’s started by expanding his cooking to more than just catering.
For the past few months, Ford has been cooking and selling individual meals at the Greenfield Moose Lodge. A Moose member, Ford rents kitchen and banquet hall space each week, allowing nonmembers to stop by the lodge and pick up a variety of meals, either to eat in the banquet hall or take to go. It also gives Ford a chance to reach wider audiences outside of just the people attending catered events.
Each week he offers a selection of different meats, like pulled pork, chicken wings, ribs and others. The choices of meats, sides and desserts change from week to week but prices stay pretty moderate. A full meal costs between $6 and $12.
It’s been a good test run. Ford said he has thought about one day opening his own barbecue restaurant and cooking at the lodge has given him a taste of that world – cooking outside of competition and catering. Although he likes what he sees so far, it’s also given him a dose of reality. Attendance Tuesday nights has varied wildly, from more than 60 one week to just 15 another. He realized quickly that too many nights of just 15 of fewer customers could spell disaster for a new restaurant.
So for now, he plans to keep cooking and keep learning.
“The best barbecue is the kind people like to eat,” Ford said. “My job is to make that mine.”

Photo provided From hobby to full time job: When he first moved here, Grant Ford volunteered his grilling skills for local fundraisers. Now he’s been forced to grill to support his family. So far, so good, Ford says.

Camp Lejeune

After leaving California and moving to Indiana for family reasons, Grant Ford of BBQ’n Fools noted an interesting item on the California Barbecue Forum. Del King, a member of CBBQA, was organizing an “Operation Barbecue for Our Troops” at Camp Lejeune, N.C., on April 13, 2007, along with AmVets and Robin Musselwhite of North Carolina. Grant was planning on purchasing a Lang 108 Deluxe from Ben Lang of Nahunta, Ga., sometime this year; however, with this event coming up, Grant decided to see if it was possible to link the two together, and that he did. Working with Ben Lang, Grant was able to arrange picking up the large 108 Lang Deluxe in Georgia and then traveling to Camp Lejeune to meet with the rest of the group smoking for the 2nd Tank Battalion. If you had asked me, “Would Grant ever drive 2,200 miles, I would have said ‘No way,’” but that is exactly what he did. Grant told me that was a great way to have his first smoke with the new pit serving the Troops and their families, so off he went.

At Camp Lejeune, Grant was not alone. As I have noted throughout the years, the barbecue family is one of the great supporters of those serving our country. In addition to Grant of BBQ’n Fools, volunteers were Del King with a Close Pit and his companion, the Bulldog “Gunny,” David Maun of Smokin’ Brothers BBQ (, with a Lang 84 Deluxe, and Allen Shealy of Huckleberry’s (, with a Lang 84. It was the most Langs Grant had ever seen in one place. Everyone arrived on the April 12th and met at the front gate to convoy onto the base. A family park area inside the base was the location of the barbecue. Del King got the group going with prepping the butts and the briskets, while Allen Shealy, with the help of Dave Maun, worked on the whole hog that Allen would be smoking. Ricky Chennault helped with getting the briskets just right with seasonings and tenderizing. Pits were fired up at 8 p.m. and the meats were put into the pits at 8:30 p.m. — oops, I mean at 2030. It had been a long time since Grant has been up all night smoking. With his WSM’s, he was used to enjoying four to six hours of sleep, but this time it would be barely two-and-onehalf hours broken over the night. David and Allen were more that glad to give Grant a hand with his new “BIG” Lang 108 Deluxe. Needless to say, it was a long night, but soon it would all be worth it. Doug Hanthorn was taking photos of the event, and you will find a lot of great photos at http://operationbbq. Also, Pete Benac provided a breakfast for the volunteers, cooking with a Dutch oven in a Green Egg, yum, yum.

Pulling and slicing the meats, many of you, like myself, have experienced the pulling and slicing of “lots’ of pork and beef.Well, then you know the drill, pull and slice fast to keep it hot and ready to serve. The cooks were not alone; Del’s cousin, Ricky Chennault, Dave’s wife, Laura and his friend, Connie Alicea, helped with pulling pork. You know you’ve got to be careful when you are invited to help out at a BBQ… hee hee, been there done that, and for the troops and their families, I would do it again. Oh, did I mention that Grant’s Lang is also gas assist? This extra option worked out well later because the Lang 108 became the holding place for all the pulled pork AND sliced brisket to be ready for supplying the long, long lines of Marines and their families coming later that morning.

As the Troops and their families rolled-in, Del called out, “Let’s get mov’n”, and everyone jumped, like new Marines to Del’s call to serve! Everyone performed different tasks, but Allen manned his whole hog with Connie Alicea the whole morning. Robin usselwhite and the AmVet helpers worked at the serving tables, and that they did the whole time. It took a great team effort to see that the pork, brisket, Del’s beans, and potato salad kept being supplied for the serving lines. Needless to say, everyone met the challenge. Serving started at about 12 p.m. (1200) and serving seconds for the hungry Troops finished around 3 p.m. (1500). Grant said, “The troops were very thankful for our serving them, and as always it was our honor to do so. These men and woman are doing their duty for our country; we just served them for one day while they do it daily.” Some of the wives came by with their children to personally thank the barbecuers; they even offered to help with the clean-up. Both Dave and Grant said, “Oh, thank you very much, but it’s your day today. Please enjoy it to the fullest.” Many of the troops and their spouses stayed awhile and talked. Grant said, “Watching the kids play and the spouses enjoying the day with their loved ones was just wonderful.” A thought crossed Grant’s mind and heart that we are truly a blessed nation. It was time to go, and everyone helped clean-up, get packed, and say their good-byes until next time. I wish I could have been there.

The Trailer has Landed

LangMfgAround September of last year I started collecting and researching information on trailer mounted barbecue cookers. When I started the process, it was amazing to see how many makes and models are really available out there! Let the search and fun begin!


Klose, Lang, Jedmaster, Good-One, Southern Pride, Ole Hickory, Bushrod’s, Belson, Fast Eddy’s, Kingfisher, Kooker, and Backwoods just to name a few.



Model84After filtering through many manufacturers, I narrowed the field to a couple of top contenders, which wasn’t easy to do given the quality and reputation of so many of them. There was one in particular, however, that stood out from a cost/value standpoint; the model #84 from Lang Manufacturing.

In December I spoke with Ben Lang, the owner, and I can’t tell you how much of a pleasure it was to work with him. Then, in late April, the BBQ’n Fools made the decision to place the order! As a result of conversations with Ben and discussions from other owners of the model #84, we ordered it with a couple of modifications, such as the addition of 4 thermometers and an extended neck on the trailer. Even with the modifications, it was only a couple of weeks after placing the order that we were in possession of our new pit!


Model84ExtendedneckWe ordered the extended neck, as you can see from the photos, so that we could add a grill to the front of the unit. I had spent another bit of time researching what type of grill to place there, and after that was decided, I designed and built a system so that it would retract during transport and could be pulled out for use. Already, it’s proven quite useful.




Here is a list of what we have done with it so far:

May 17th – Received the cooker
May 18th – Seasoned the cooker
May 19th – Cooked for 40 at a house warming party
May 26th – Cooked for an estimated 600 at an Albertsons event
June 2nd – Competition in Imperial Beach, 1st Place Chicken, and 5th Place Seafood
June 3rd – Cooked for 60 at an anniversary party
June 9th – Competition in Long Beach
July 7th – Cooked for an estimated 750 at an Albertsons event
July 14th – Cooked for 40 at a street party


Model84inactionThis cooker has already provided us many hours of cooking pleasure and many people with some wonderful barbecued food.






Model84usefulFor the record, we purchased this pit so we could provide “on-site” cooking for parties and events. If you have an occasion coming up where you’d like that extra special touch of championship barbecue, give us a call: (714) 569-1310 (Southern California area.)


2001 American Royal Barbecue Contest

tentThe American Royal Invitational is to Barbecue competitors, as the Super Bowl is to Football teams. The only exception is that there are a few more barbecue teams involved in this annual competition, and it smells and tastes a whole lot better! In every state that has a Kansas City Barbecue Society (KCBS) cooking competition there are teams who, to the best of their abilities, and with a bit of luck, strive to win a KCBS sanctioned State Championship. Winning one of the State events is a feat in itself.

From the weather, to baby sitting the cookers all night long, to the actual competition preparations and timing that it takes to hand in the food on time, hot, looking and tasting great. The variables that it takes to place in any of the four categories, let alone the Grand Championship, makes it a pretty daunting task. Then there is the totally unpredictable variable, personal human taste, the judge.. God bless’em. These are the things that the barbecue competitor faces, and we all work very diligently to accomplish this feat, a State Championship, so we can receive the invitation to the American Royal.

Our team, BBQ’n Fools, has been very blessed the last couple of years. Through our combined talents, and love for good barbecue, we have been invited to compete in the American Royal Invitational two years in a row.  Given that we only started competing 2 1/2 years ago, this is an honor we feel very grateful to have had.  Last year, at the 2000 American Royal, we did not do as well as we had hoped.  We did, however, learn a lot from the experience and met a number of great people who gave to us their wisdom and shared their own experiences so that we might grow as a team and as cooks. Their friendliness will never be forgotten.

insideIn 2001, we were invited back again, this time for having won the Southern California Barbecue Association’s “Team of the Year” for 2000. This year, when we arrived at the American Royal, we were very optimistic and full of energy. We were very happy to see so many of the familiar faces we had met last year. Their enthusiasm for us being here once again was inspiring and delightful. So, with great excitement, taking all that we had learned from the last Royal, keeping in mind all the advice and experience we had gained from competing throughout the year, the BBQ’n Fools started cooking.

When it was all said-and-done, all of us felt we had cooked the best we had in a very long time! The day had gone smoothly and everything tasted so good we thought we had a good chance of placing in a category or two. Did I mention that we were competing against sixty-eight other championship teams?  These are the top teams on the KCBS circuit! To place in a category at this event would be a real accomplishment.

When it came time for the awards ceremony, we were very excited, and I’m happy to say that our hopes had come true! We received seventh place for our ribs, our chicken took fourteenth, and we wound up sixteenth place overall out of sixty-nine championship teams!  It was a VERY good day!

We entered our sauce, BBQ’n Fools Signature Barbecue Sauce, in the American Royal International Sauce contest as well. The results for this were announced the next day, along with the winners for the American Royal Open Barbecue Contest.  To our extreme happiness, not only did we place fifteenth in ribs at the Open (out of 363 teams), our sauce took fourth place for Retail Packaging! Needless to say, we are very pleased with our performance at this year’s American Royal Barbecue competition.

BackForMoreAs with last year’s contest, we made some very endearing friends and also got to see some olds ones. That alone makes the American Royal a special event. We are already looking forward to competing next year in an effort to be invited back again to this Competition of Champions; were there are no losers, only good folks, and the love of great barbecue.

Presenting, the BBQ’n Fools!

Welcome to the home of the BBQ’n Fools, the 2003 & 2000 CA State Grand Champions, and 1999 CA State Reserve Champions. Based in sunny Southern California, we are a cooking team that participates in Kansas City Barbecue Society (KCBS) style barbecue competitions both regionally and nationally. In addition to many local awards, including the “Team of the Year 2000” award from the Southern California Barbecue Association (SCBBQA), 2002 & 2000 “Team of the Year Ribs”, we also won a 4th place category award at the prestigious “American Royal Invitational” in Kansas City, MO!

Tom Brohamer

Tom BrohamerTom is our award winning Barbecue Chef.  He is a past President of the Southern California Barbecue Association, a member of the Kansas City Barbecue Society, certified as a Kansas City Barbecue Society Judge, has almost 30 years of all-around cooking experience, and is an attendee of the Culinary Institute of Smoke Cooking (CISC). He knows barbecue!



Kurt Weidmann

Kurt WeidmannKurt is our award winning Presentation Artist. His culinary talents, and flare for the artistic, help make any barbecue “just that much better!” Gourmet cooking has been a hobby of his for 25 years, and it shows in every one of his creations. Cooking is an art form, using food as its medium, and good barbecue is a particularly tasty and interesting expression of that art form.




Phil “Grant” Ford

Grant FordGrant is an award-winning Barbecue Chef, a veteran and accomplished competition chef at team and individual cooking events. Grant’s contribution to the team has greatly assisted in winning awards like, CBBQA 2002 “Team of the Year in Ribs” and has personally won Grand Champion at the CA State Championship, which included a perfect score of 180 in chicken. He loves to cook at parties and special events; you may see him cooking at your local So. California Albertsons, come by and say hello!



Albertsons in California

He’s a member of the California Barbecue Association, California Restaurant Association, and the Kansas City Barbecue Society, where he’s a certified judge of what makes great BBQ. He is also, a certified ServSafe Manager Trainer, Grant can handle food as well as barbecue it for the team.