Seasonal BBQ’n Fools Smoked Boneless Turkey

What is it?

Our local butcher, Meat Masters, takes the turkeys I order and nets them with white and dark meat in 10 lb and 5 lb units. Then before Meat Masters nets the meat together they take my BBQ’n Fools Signature Seasoning and cover the meat inside and out. Then they net the turkey meat. I pick them up the day before Thanksgiving and ready them for the smoker starting as early as 4 AM.

How is it Smoked?

The boneless turkeys are slow smoked for 5 to 7 hours with apple wood/pecan wood. Apple juice mix is sprayed during the smoking process. Then the boneless turkey is placed in an oven bag to keep it moist and ready for your selected pick-up time on Thanksgiving Day.

What do you get?

We have two sizes: Small (5 lbs of dark and white meat) which feeds approximately 20 adults, 4 oz. each and Large (10 lbs of dark and white meat) which feeds approximately 40 adults, 4 oz. each. Most folks will eat more than 4 oz of Smoked turkey. The price per pound includes the labor of the Butcher, the cost of the turkey and my 5 hours of smoking time.

What does it cost?

The price is currently $8.50 per lb. (price maybe changed based on costs)

The 5 lb turkey comes to a base price of $45.90 which includes sales tax.

The 10 lb turkey comes to a base price of $91.80 which includes sales tax.

How do I order one?

All of the Smoked Boneless Turkeys are pre-paid in advance.

Fill out the form below and select the size you want – Small (5 lb) or Large (10 lb).

An estimate will be emailed to you.

Pay with cash or check – Make checks payable to BBQ’n Fools Catering.

BBQ’n Fools will email you a paid invoice with your pick-up instructions.

Hours for pick-up are 10 am to 2 pm on Thanksgiving Day.

Location for pick-up …

BBQ’n Fools BBQ Shop
20 W. South Street
Greenfield, IN 46140

Keep it hot! If you are not eating it right away, keep in your oven at 170 degrees in the oven bag. You can use ½ to cup of the turkey juice and add to your gravy. This is very tasty. (Will have a little smoky flavor, so not too much. Fix according to your taste; you can always add more but you can’t take it out.)

Please be advised that there is a limited supply, we order only so many each year. Turkey orders increase each year, but once they are gone they are gone.

Order Form

Fill out the form below to order your BBQ’n Fools Smoked Boneless Turkey for Thanksgiving Day …